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Racquetball courts in or near Adamsville, Tennessee, TN

There are 5 Racquetball courts in or near Adamsville, Tennessee TN.

Courthouse Racquet Club

Courthouse Racquet Club is located approximately 51 miles from Adamsville. Courthouse Racquet Club is located at 1545 Helton Dr. Their phone number is ((25) 6) -764-.
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Franklin Athletic Club

Franklin Athletic Club is located approximately 100 miles from Adamsville. They're one of the best in the area. Contact them at ((61) 5) -599-.
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Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym is located approximately 114 miles from Adamsville. Visit Gold's Gym at 7900 Bailey Cove Road Suite M. Call them at ((25) 6) -880-.
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PowerHouse Gym

PowerHouse Gym is located approximately 106 miles from Adamsville. A decent Racquetball court, they're located at 1641 Sparkman DR. Phone number: ((25) 6) -430-.
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Well Worx

Well Worx is located approximately 82 miles from Adamsville. Regarded as one of the best Racquetball courts in Adamsville area, Well Worx is located at 6161 Shelby Oaks Drive. You can call them at ((90) 1) -507-.
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